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Baby Shower Games for You and Your Loved Ones

Planning a baby shower? Get ready for fun and laughter with these awesome baby shower games. We’ve got a mix of classics and some fresh, interactive ideas to keep everyone entertained.

Traditional Baby Shower Games

These old-school games never go out of style. They’re simple, need hardly any setup, and always bring a smile.

1. Baby Name Game

  • Guests jot down as many baby names as they can think of in a set time. The one with the most unique names takes home a prize.

2. Baby Bucket List

  • Guests suggest fun activities for the baby, like “Visit the zoo” or “Learn to ride a bike.” This doubles as a sweet keepsake for the parents.

3. Baby Shower ABC’s

  • Guests fill out a sheet with baby-related words for each letter of the alphabet. The most creative list wins.

4. Baby Shower Memory Book

  • Pass around a scrapbook and let guests write down their favorite memory of the parents-to-be or a piece of advice for the baby.

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Creative and Interactive Games

Want to spice things up? These modern games get everyone moving and laughing.

1. Catch That Baby

  • Guests take turns tossing a small doll into a baby carrier from a distance. The one with the most successful tosses wins.

2. Baby Toss

  • Like a bean bag toss, but with baby-themed items (think pacifiers or small toys) aimed at a target.

3. Duck!

  • Guests balance a rubber duck on their head while navigating a simple obstacle course. The fastest duck-walker wins.

4. Blockheads

  • Teams race to stack baby blocks as high as possible within a set time. The tallest tower that stands wins.

5. Where’s The Pacifier?

  • Hide pacifiers around the party area and let guests hunt for them. The person who finds the most wins a prize.

6. Mother Goose Madness

  • Guests answer trivia questions about nursery rhymes. The one with the most correct answers wins.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the games:

Game TypeGame NameDescription
TraditionalBaby Name GameWrite down as many baby names as possible within a set time.
TraditionalBaby Bucket ListContribute ideas for a bucket list for the baby.
TraditionalBaby Shower ABC’sWrite a baby-related word for each letter of the alphabet.
TraditionalBaby Shower Memory BookWrite memories or advice for the baby in a scrapbook.
CreativeCatch That BabyToss a small doll into a baby carrier.
CreativeBaby TossAim to throw baby-themed items into a target.
CreativeDuck!Keep a rubber duck balanced on your head while completing an obstacle course.
CreativeBlockheadsStack baby blocks as high as possible within a set time.
CreativeWhere’s The Pacifier?Search for hidden pacifiers around the party area.
CreativeMother Goose MadnessAnswer trivia questions about nursery rhymes.

These games will make your baby shower a hit. For more ideas, check out our pages on baby shower cakes and baby shower invitations.

Classic Baby Shower Games

Planning a baby shower? Adding some classic games can sprinkle a bit of fun and nostalgia into the mix. These timeless activities are perfect for getting everyone involved and making the day unforgettable.

Baby Name Game

The Baby Name Game is a hilarious way to shine the spotlight on the dad-to-be and see how well his buddies know him. Here’s how it works: ask the dad-to-be a bunch of questions about potential baby names and record his answers. During the shower, play the video and let the guests guess his responses. It’s a riot and makes the dad-to-be feel like a star.

QuestionDad’s AnswerGuests’ Guesses
Favorite Baby NameLiam___
Least Favorite NameJason___
Most Unusual Name ConsideredZephyr___

Baby Bucket List

The Baby Bucket List game is a sweet way for guests to share their wisdom and fun ideas for the new parents. Each guest writes down at least one thing the parents should do in the baby’s first year. It could be anything from a fun trip to a precious moment to capture or some practical advice. No prep needed, just heartfelt suggestions.

Guest NameBucket List Suggestion
Aunt LisaTake a family photo every month
Grandma SueVisit the zoo
Friend EmmaHave a picnic in the park

Baby Shower ABC’s

Baby Shower ABC’s is a fast-paced game that’s great for a big crowd. Hand out sheets of paper with the alphabet listed and ask guests to write down a baby-related word for each letter. The catch? They only have one minute. The person with the most words wins. It’s quick, fun, and gets everyone laughing.

LetterBaby-Related Word

Baby Shower Memory Book

Creating a Baby Shower Memory Book is a touching activity that lets guests leave heartfelt messages and advice for the parents and baby. Each guest writes a note or letter to the baby, sharing their hopes, dreams, and words of wisdom. These messages are compiled into a keepsake book that the parents and baby can cherish forever. It’s a beautiful way to add a personal touch to the celebration.

Consider adding these classic baby shower games to your celebration to create a joyful and memorable experience for everyone. For more ideas on planning the perfect baby shower, check out our articles on baby shower cakes, baby shower invitations, and baby shower themes.

Fun and Unique Baby Shower Games

Ready to spice up your baby shower with some fun and quirky games? Here are a few creative options that will make your celebration unforgettable for everyone involved.

Stinky Messages

Stinky Messages is a hilarious game that guarantees laughs. Grab a bunch of diapers and fill them with different melted chocolates or other “stinky” substances like peanut butter or mustard. Number each diaper and make a list of the substances. Guests take turns sniffing or tasting to guess what’s inside. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize. It’s messy, it’s funny, and it’s a blast!

Rubber Ducky Raffle

The Rubber Ducky Raffle is a charming game that adds a splash of fun. Float rubber duckies in a tub of water, each marked with a raffle ticket number. Hand out matching tickets as guests arrive. The host picks a duck, reads the number, and the guest with the matching ticket wins a prize. Simple, yet so much fun!

Rubber Ducky RafflePrize
Duck #1Baby Blanket
Duck #2Gift Card
Duck #3Baby Toy
Duck #4Spa Kit

Do You Know Your Disney Babies?

For the Disney lovers out there, Do You Know Your Disney Babies? is a must. Guests match Disney mom characters with their kids’ names. The one with the most correct matches wins. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane and brings out the inner child in everyone.

Disney MomDisney Baby
Lady (Lady and the Tramp)Scamp
Duchess (The Aristocats)Marie
Nala (The Lion King)Kiara
Perdita (101 Dalmatians)Lucky

How Many Cuties Do You See?

How Many Cuties Do You See? is a guessing game that’s simple but engaging. Fill a container with objects like orange cuties, and have guests guess the number. The closest guess wins. It’s a great way to keep everyone involved and adds a fun competitive edge.

GuestGuessActual Number

Enjoy these fun and unique baby shower games with your loved ones. For more baby shower ideas, check out our related articles on baby shower cakes, baby shower invitations, and baby shower themes. Happy planning!

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Fun Baby Shower Activities

Make your baby shower unforgettable with these interactive activities that bring everyone together and create lasting memories. These games are designed to be fun, inclusive, and memorable.

Who Knows Mommy or Daddy Best?

The “Who Knows Mommy or Daddy Best?” game is a hilarious way to get everyone involved. Guests guess whether the mom or dad is the answer to various quirky questions. This game not only brings laughs but also lets you share fun tidbits about yourselves.

  1. Create a list of questions about the parents-to-be.
  2. Hand out answer sheets to guests.
  3. Read each question aloud and have guests jot down their answers.
  4. Reveal the correct answers and see who knows the parents best.

Award prizes to those with the most correct answers.

Question ExampleAnswer
Who was the class clown in school?Dad
Who likes to stay up late?Mom

Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a heartfelt activity where guests leave touching messages for the new parents and baby. This keepsake book will be cherished for years.

  1. Provide a blank memory book and colorful pens.
  2. Ask guests to write notes, advice, or memories for the parents and baby.
  3. Collect all the notes and compile them into the memory book.

This activity creates a lasting memento that the family can look back on.

ABC Challenge

The ABC Challenge is a fast-paced game perfect for a large crowd. Guests write down a word associated with babies for each letter of the alphabet.

  1. Hand out alphabet sheets to each guest.
  2. Set a timer for one minute.
  3. Guests write down a baby-related word for each letter.

The person who writes the most words in one minute wins.

LetterWord Example

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Prize Hunt

The Prize Hunt adds a bit of adventure to your event. Hide small prizes around the venue and have your guests search for them.

  1. Hide prizes in various locations.
  2. Provide clues or a map to guide guests.
  3. Let the hunt begin!

Prizes can include baby shower favors, treats, or small gifts.

For more inspiration on baby shower themes and baby shower invitations, check out our other articles.

By incorporating these interactive activities, you ensure that your baby shower is not only fun but also memorable. Each game and activity fosters a sense of community and celebration, making the day special for everyone involved.

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